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Letter 1-

From: Sanford Pollock

July 4, 1934

To: Helen Marot

Dear Helen,

Jack has been having a very difficult time with himself. This past year has been a succession of periods of emotional instability for him, which is usually expressed by a complete loss of responsibility to both himself and us. Accompanied, of course by drinking. It came to the point where obviously the man needed help. He was mentally sick.

So I took him to a well-recommended doctor. A psychiatrist who has been helping the man find himself. As you know troubles such as his are very deep rooted. In childhood usually and it takes a long while to get them ironed out. He has been going for some six months now and I feel there is a slight improvement in his point of view.

So without giving the impression that I am trying to be a wet nurse to Jack, honestly I would be fearful of the results if he was left alone with no one to keep him in check. There is no cause for alarm, he simply must be watched and guided intelligently.

Sincerely Yours,


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