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"All Art is a revolt against mans' fate." Andre Malraux

Perfect Moment Foundation (509 A-2 public charity), formed in March of 1994 to provide funding for special projects by artists in all areas of artistic discipline, focusing on unknown or unrecognized new artists or artists in a career crisis due to lack of funding.

Funding for the Foundation comes through private donations and grants from corporations and foundations which support the arts. Those who have given generously to Perfect Moment Foundation are producer Norman Lear, director/writer Frank Pierson, actor Tom Hanks, poet/activist, Maya Angelou, composer Philip Glass, playwright Edward Albee, composer Elton John, media host, Larry King, Rabbi Harvey J. Fields and others.

Each project is reviewed by a panel of peers and is awarded on a one time basis only. The Foundation exercises no rights over the copyright or ownership of these projects except that the initial sale of the project will be donated to an agreed upon beneficiary charity.

Mission Statement:
"Perfect Moment Foundation provides aid for artists to fund special projects to raise money for a mutually agreed upon charity. PMF will provide initially up to $2,000. for each project, the proceeds of the sale of which will be donated to charities involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the environment, or human and animal rights. Special projects can be in any artistic discipline including but not limited to dramatic, documentary or animated film, dance works, theater, painting, sculpture, writing, music, photography, site specific works of performance or architecture or any other art form deemed worthy by the Foundation board and its panel of specialized peer review boards."

America has boasted of some of the worlds greatest artists of the last half of the 20th century. It is ironic that comparatively so few ever received public funding or grants from corporations during the very early phases of their careers. Couple this with the tremendous lack of funds available and the educational lack of the American people to recognize art as an important part of their lives and we have a recipe for the extinction of fine art.

The reason for this is perhaps self evident. Artists are by nature, loners not joiners. They are not grant writers or politicians. They express themselves by means and a language which is not always understood by others except through their art. Occasionally an artist has the ability to be a better politician or grant writer than another individual of equal or better artistic ability. PMF is very aware of this dilemma and will try to rectify it as much as possible by making studio visits or talking directly with the individual in the early stages of our review.

Perfect Moment Foundation seeks to increase public awareness of America's working artists by providing a venue for their work through the special projects program which will ultimately aid in the funding charitable causes in the community.

Due to grant giving cut-backs by larger oganizations Perfect Moment Foundation's activities have been curtailed as well. The Foundation is currently not accepting applications for project grants at this time.