back to installations SCULPTURE INSTALLATIONS 1975-77

"Archimedes No. 1 and No. 2" deal with "manutention" (fr.) or the process of moving, lifting or the handling of stone, marble and steel.

This time honored tradition of moving such dense, heavy, materials with rollers, cables and winches, I found an interesting subject in itself. The concept of defining or delineating space in the classical sculptural tradition came as a by- product.

"Pythagoras" consists of two blocks of the most expensive and pure marble in the world: Black Belgian and Cararra Statuario White. Each was cut to specific dimensions and these were multiplied by 10 and within the Pythagorian Theorum, which situated them in the space and in relationship to each other.

The blocks were high polished on the base side (unseen) and then the remaining sides were painted with epoxy paint in the complimentary color of each block.

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