MUMONKAN - 1994-98
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The "Mumonkan" series
(1994-1998), 83 works originally painted on translucent mylar.

These are based on the paradoxical Zen concept of Mumonkan or the “gateless gate.” That gate, which we find most difficult to enter, is always open, always accessible:

"Before a step is taken. the goal is reached;
Before the tongue is moved, the speech is finished,
Though each move is ahead of the next,
There is still a transcendent secret."

Mumon's Verse, Translated by Katsuki Sekida, "Two Zen Classics"

After completing each work, it was photographed and then the transparency was enlarged on Duratrans, to the actual size of the original. Then the original was destroyed.

The reproductions then became the originals.

The 'paintings' are exhibited on back-lit commercial display light boxes.

Based on these works, I made series of lithographs in 1999 with Atelier Pousse Caillou in Corbiers, France.

My collaboration with the late Luc Valderlievre, master lithographer, close friend and patron, helped me realize over 40 editions and artist books since our friendship began in 1973.
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